Safety Policies

Safety First-Please heed to these safety guidelines. Thanks!

Chainsaw policy

No chainsaws or other mechanical saws are permitted.

Only hand saws are able to be used. We can cut the tree for you or you can borrow one of our bow saws, or bring your own.

Vehicle/Tree Securing Policy

We provide string and our sawyers can assist in lifting your tree on top of your vehicle if you need it.

We have sawyers that can give you pointers for attaching your tree to your car but please, check and double check for yourself to make sure that your tree is secure before you drive out of the parking lot. No one likes a tree in flight on the interstate! Once you leave our farm, keeping your tree attached to your vehicle is your responsibility. So, please make sure you are confident it is secure before you leave.


Dogs on leashes are welcome at our farm. Please be aware that other families bring their dogs too, if your dog does not play nice with other pets please leave him or her at home. Thanks.

We will close for tree sales on December 11th at 5:30pm. For the rest of the 2022 season we only have Douglas Firs available in the field for $65 and a small selection of precut Concolor and Canaan firs available, first come, first serve for $65.