Pick Your Own Blueberries

We are finished with blueberry sales for the 2022 season!  See you next year! 

Blueberries currently are $5 per pound. We accept both cash and credit cards.

We provide buckets to pick in and bags to take your blueberries home.

To make your trip worthwhile, please check our FACEBOOK page for up to date picking availability, sometimes we close early when the bushes have been picked over.

General Guidelines:

-Pets love to eat Blueberries too, so please: no pets.
-Please, no smoking at the farm.
-We recommend sneakers over flip-flops.
-Watch your step.
-Watch your children’s steps.
-Bees, ants, wasps, and other pollinators love blueberries too, so please take care as you pick. (If you have a bee allergy in your family, consider bringing whatever you might need in an emergency down to the picking area just in case).
-Feel free to taste while you pick, and please don’t eat a meal right off the bushes.

We will close for tree sales on December 11th at 5:30pm. For the rest of the 2022 season we only have Douglas Firs available in the field for $65 and a small selection of precut Concolor and Canaan firs available, first come, first serve for $65.