Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees (Price List at Bottom of Page)

We are closed for tree sales for the 2023 Season.

Over the past several years a fungus and a hungry bug have found their homes in our White and especially Scotch Pines. We have none for sale this year. We know that these varieties are some customers’ favorites and we are sad to say these two varieties be unavailable at our farm this year. We are working on fields that will hopefully be ready is 2 or 3 years.

We have shipped in a small collection of lovely 7-12 foot White Pines from a nearby Ohio farm. They will be available for $75 and up depending on their size.

This year there are 6 varieties of choose and cut trees from which our customers may choose. Whether you like long, short, green, blue, soft or firm needles; or you prefer a tall, short, thin, or puffy variety – we have a tree for you.

Tree Prices by Species

    • In addition to our choose and cut trees, we will have a large selection of pre-cut trees freshly cut from a nearby Ohio farm. They are all 7 feet and up and priced based on height.
      • Pre-cut White Pines will be $75 and up.
      • Pre-cut Canaan, Concolor, Fraser, and Balsam Firs will be $85 and up.
    • Blue Spruce  – $75
    • Douglas Fir   – $75
    • Canaan Fir  – $75
    • Concolor Fir  – $75
    • Fraser Fir – $75
    • On average our trees are 6-8 feet tall
    • CALL AHEAD for Norway Spruce- $140 — Our Norways vary from 12-20ft. Norways are notorious for dropping needles indoors sooner than the other tree varieties so we do not recommend buying one of these large trees more than two to three weeks prior to Christmas. Take note: It is easier for us to accommodate customers who want these large trees on weekdays, if you come for one of these on a weekend you might spend some time waiting. We also are unable to bale some of the wider tall Norways so please keep that in mind in your planning for getting your tree home.
      (Some construction is being done on our farm this year and if the weather has been wet, it will be a mud pit to get to the Norways, so you may have to coordinate with us for a sunny dry day- please call ahead if you want a Norway!)