Family Photos

We know that our farm can make a great backdrop for family photos and we do allow several insured photographers to come and use our farm in the fall months to take Christmas photos for their clients. We do not allow these photographers to come after Thanksgiving because our desire is to focus all of our attention and resources at the farm on our customers and their experience during tree season.
For safety reasons, we only allow insured photographers to schedule to use our property. 

How to take Family photos at Candle Tree Farm:

Find an insured photographer who is willing to give us a copy of their business liability insurance policy. Work with your photographer to schedule your family photos between January and Thanksgiving. Have your photographer contact us at to provide us with their insurance and the date they would like to use our farm. We charge photographers $25 per family that they photograph to use our farm, so be aware that your photographer may pass that fee onto you.

We do not allow families without insured and scheduled photographers to come take photos at our property.  November 10th is the deadline for new photographers to become approved photographers at our farm.  

We love being able to share our farm with people, although, during tree season (even during closed hours) we can not accommodate families only coming to take photos. Our management team and our employees are focused on keeping our farm ready for customers and caring for our customers from Thanksgiving through Christmas. During off-hours, we are focused on maintaining our property sometimes using heavy machinery; we also have avid hunters who use our property, so, for your safety and the safety of others we can not accommodate families desiring to take photos, even during closed hours after Thanksgiving.