Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees


We are now closed for the 2021 Season!
(If you would still like to order wreaths please call us and we will help you!)

It has been another year of record sales here at the farm and we are so thankful for our awesome customers, long-time and new, that have created this momentum for our business!

In order to make sure we have trees that are tall and healthy enough to meet all our future customers’ needs, we have called it a season; we want to preserve the smaller trees that need more time to grow.

We grow 8 varieties of trees from which our customers may choose. Whether you like long, short, green, blue, soft or firm needles; or you prefer a tall, short, thin, or puffy variety – we have a tree for you.
Each year, one of our varieties really shines!
For the 2021 season, our Douglas Firs and Blue Spruces  are truly spectacular.
We have a very limited supply of Scotch and White Pine this year.

Tree Prices by Species

    • Scotch Pine  – $45
    • White Pine    – $45
    • Blue Spruce  – $55
    • Douglas Fir   – $55
    • Canaan Fir    – $59
    • Concolor Fir  – $59
    • Fraser Fir      – $59
    • On average our trees are 6-8 feet tall
    • Norway Spruce- $120 — Our Norways vary from 12-20ft. Norways are notorious for dropping needles indoors sooner than the other tree varieties so we do not recommend buying one of these large trees more than two to three weeks prior to Christmas. Take note: It is easier for us to accomodate customers who want these large trees on weekdays, if you come for one of these on a weekend you might spend some time waiting. We also are unable to bale some of the wider tall Norways so please keep that in mind in your planning for getting your tree home.

Thanks for all your support! Blueberries are finished for 2022! We are looking forward to seeing you again at Christmas!