Step by Step 2020

Making the Process Easy

Please read this as some steps have changed in light of COVID-19.

All customers will need to wear masks both indoors and outdoors when near other people. Masks may be removed while searching for a tree if no other customers or employees are around you.

We are asking that customers try to remain outdoors except to use the restroom and if possible to send only one family member into the barn to shop for wreaths and to pay. Please have the rest of your family wait outside or in your vehicle.

1. Parking

Our main parking lot is to the right of the barn as you enter.  There is also limited parking directly in front of the barn. (Just make sure that your vehicle is not blocking a road for the tractors.) After you park you follow the “Tractor Ride” signs and head down to the left side of the barn to check out the samples of our tree varieties and to select the kind of tree you’d like to pick from. Please put on your masks as you head towards the barn. 

2. Loading/Unloading


Feel free to walk into the fields, or you can hop onto the wagon for a tractor ride into the fields. The tractor will pick you up on the lower left-hand side of the barn. You can borrow a saw here from the saw rack.  
When the wagons return, passengers and trees are unloaded on the right side of the barn, directly into the “Shake and Bale” station. Please deposit your saw on the rack at the drop off spot. 
This unloading area is right next to the parking lot so you can easily take your tree to your vehicle.

3. Pick and Cut Your Tree

Let the tractor driver know what kind of tree you would like and he will drop you off at that field. If there is a specific height you are looking for tell the driver the size you’d like in feet. We have poles to help you measure tree height that you can request from the tractor driver. We provide saws outside of the barn at the loading station. Once you find your perfect tree you can use a saw to cut it down or grab one of our trusty sawyers wearing a red vest and they will help you. After you yell “TIMBER!” you can drag your tree to the tractor road where you were dropped off and the tractor will pick you and your tree up.

4. Shake/bail/drill


All trees are shaken when we unload them from the wagons to help remove dry needles.
The trees can then be baled, if desired, (bundled in netting).

Next, the trunk of the tree can be drilled at the base to fit the pin for our Stand Straight Tree Stands®.

5. Wreath Shop and Payment 


Customers are then invited into the Wreath Shop. If possible please send only one family member into the barn to shop for wreaths and pay. There, you can watch our skilled wreath makers turn out the large selection of wreaths that are available for sale. Our cashier is located in the wreath shop and accepts cash, checks, or credit cards. We also have a second cashier in the parking area that accepts credit cards only. 

6. Safely Secure Your Tree for the Drive Home


We have twine available for your convenience to attach your tree to your vehicle. It is up to you to securely fix your tree to your vehicle. We have sawyers that can give you pointers but please, check and double check that your tree is secure before you drive out of the parking lot. No one likes a tree in flight on the interstate!

7. Go home and decorate and enjoy Christmas with your family