Welcome to the Family at Candle Tree Farm

A wonderful place to start (or continue) an unforgettable family tradition. Every year, we would love for you to join us at our family-owned choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm located in Washington, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh, to enjoy a wagon ride into our fields of thousands of pines and firs to select your one-of-a-kind tree. In the summer, we boast a bountiful pick-your-own blueberry patch – a delicious way to have fun. 

We are so thankful to all of our customers that have made us their family farm over the years! We  always look forward to seeing you all! 

We will open for tree sales this year on November 26th at 10am.
We will also be open on Wednesday, November 24th at 3pm. We call this day our “soft open” because this will be the first day of work for our newly trained employees. Your family is welcome to join us that day if you wanted to get a tree before Thanksgiving!  

We are open during Christmas Tree Season:
Monday-Friday– 1pm-5:30pm
Saturday & Sunday– 10am-5:30

Feel free to bring your own saw (NO chainsaws or reciprocal saws).
We also have saws to share if you don’t bring your own!
Call us: 724 -249-6472